Hometime Decks Book and Garages & Decks DVD #2700

About the DVD:

Hometime's Dean Johnson walks you through the construction of a complete detached garage, focusing on what makes garage construction unique. Dean also explains construction of a ground-level deck and a two-story deck to help demonstrate both fundamental and advanced deck options.

About the book:

We built a couple of decks while producing this book. One is a simple ground-level deck, the other is a multilevel custom creation. Both are featured in the hundreds of color photographs in Decks. On both decks we used a construction method we call framing down--a method used by most pros, as well. When framing down you first attach the ledger board, then temporarily attach and brace the rim joists, then plumb down to locate the footings. This commonsense method makes it a lot easier to get the footings in the right place than the old strings-and-batter-boards method.

In Decks you'll find information on designing and building a deck that is both attractive and safe. We cover design, structural requirements, materials, layout, framing, decking, stairs, and railings. Decks also explains advanced building techniques such as spa framing, cutaway corners, and curves, plus extras such as privacy screens, benches, planters, and overheads. Finally, we wrap up with information on finishes and renewing wood.

Hometime Decks Book and Garages & Decks DVD #2700
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